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Boss Breakdown: The Unborn Lord

As promised, this week we will conclude our series on the enemies from the demo with a detailed look at the formidable Unborn Lord.

Spoiler Alert: This post contains detailed information on how to beat the boss. If you haven't already, you may want to to play the demo before reading further. You can get the current demo on IndieDB.

It certainly knows how to make an entrance, but what exactly is the Unborn Lord? Contrary to appearances, the Unborn are not truly undead. Rather, they are an ancient race of Firstborn that possess no physical form and instead have learned to animate corpses to act as temporary vessels. The Unborn Lord is a particularly powerful specimen that has possessed the crumbling bones of some long-dead titan.

The Unborn Lord is every bit as dangerous as it looks, employing an arsenal of deadly magic to exterminate intruders. Its summoned Bog Shades are relentless, harrying foes at their master's bidding. While the heroes battle against its servants, the Unborn Lord will take a more direct hand in the conflict by opening cracks and fissures in the earth that hum with unwholesome energy.

Standing on one of these fissures for any length of time can prove a fatal mistake, as the Unborn Lord can use them to call forth poisonous flames. To survive the Lord's onslaught, the heroes will need to keep moving while they battle its Bog Shade servants. A clever hero may well seek to trick a Bog Shade into the path of one of the Unborn Lord's blasts, but the Shades partake of the same noxious energy and suffer no ill effect from their master's magic.

Should the heroes succeed in defeating its servants, the Unborn Lord will lose patience and charge forward, crushing anything in its path. Not even the mightiest champion can survive the sheer weight and destructive power of the Unborn Lord, so it is imperative to avoid this attack.

Should it fail to crush the heroes beneath its talons, the Unborn Lord will simply retreat into the brackish tar, summoning more Bog Shades as it withdraws. It will repeat this cycle until it prevails by sheer attrition or catches an unwary opponent with a charge. The bravest of heroes may seek to retaliate, but the Unborn Lord is simply too large and too powerful to attack by normal means. Victory seems impossible, but there must be a way!

As we discovered in last week's enemy breakdown, Bog Shades leave behind a volatile core of destructive energy when slain. This orb of malignant power will sap the life force of any creature it touches, and even the Unborn Lord is not immune. With careful planning and a great deal of courage, the heroes can bait the Lord into charging straight into one of these Soul Orbs.

Defeating such a terrible creature is a feat worthy of legend, but it is only a small taste of the perils and challenges that await you in Firstborn.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this series on the enemies in the Firstborn demo.

Join us next week for another development blog!

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