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All key information for Guile & Glory: Firstborn is included below.

Release Date


February 2019



Steam Early Access (PC)






Elston Studios

Based in Melbourne, Australia

Guile & Glory: Firstborn

Part puzzle, part turn based strategy, Guile & Glory: Firstborn aims to combine old-school arcade charm with modern gameplay innovation. Born from a passion for pixel art, over-the-top 90's fantasy, and strategic RPGs, Firstborn is well under way and slated to brawl its way onto Steam in early 2019.

The Battlefield is Your Weapon


Master natural hazards and deadly traps as you make your stand against the darkness in turn-based tactical combat. The enemies in Firstborn may be immune to mortal weapons, but they can still die.

Cut a swathe through the hordes of nightmarish immortals by pushing, pulling or manoeuvring your

opponents into the path of lethal hazards.

Your Legend Awaits

Gather and lead a party of unlikely heroes as they rise from humble beginnings to become humanity's greatest champions.


As your heroes grow in power, you will master and combine powerful new abilities to turn the battlefield against your enemies.

Vanquish Mighty Bosses

Gigantic beasts haunt the forgotten corners of Firstborn's world, waiting to unleash their earth-shaking fury upon unwary travellers.

Wield skill, patience, and courage to prevail against impossible odds as you cast down nightmarish titans bent on plunging the world into an endless age of darkness and ruin.

A Savage World

Take up the mantle of Aspirant and face the brutal challenge of Guile & Glory's story-driven campaign head on; or venture off the beaten track to amass forgotten lore and unravel the mysteries of the Firstborn.

Each new region you explore will bring it's own challenges and unique enemies to test your mettle as you lead your heroes on a quest for revenge across an ancient world of gods and monsters.




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The concept for Guile & Glory: Firstborn first saw the light of day back in Project Lead Daniel Elston's time as a student at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Melbourne, Australia.

While revisiting the classic Golden Axe series with some friends as part of an assignment, Daniel was taken by the way the overwhelmingly powerful enemies could be so easily bested through clever positioning and use of the battlefield's natural hazards.

An idea began to take shape, and after a few weeks of intense prototyping with a small team, the basic gameplay features were ready to test. By the end of 2015, it was clear that the prototype was worth pursuing, and since his graduation, Daniel has been working on the project full time.

The team has changed quite a bit since the student prototype, and Daniel and narrative lead Gabriella Lowgren are now working alongside a talented team of local and overseas contractors to produce the full release of Guile & Glory: Firstborn

Elston Studios


Elston Studios is a Melbourne-based independent games developer that aims to provide new and interesting gameplay experiences, packaged with classic retro charm.



The studio began development on Guile & Glory: Firstborn in 2016.






Daniel Elston - Project Lead, Lead Programmer

Gabriella Lowgren - Narrative Lead, Social Media Manager



For press, enquiries, thoughts, or just to say hello, you can reach us at:


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