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Guile & Glory: Firstborn

Part puzzle, part turn based strategy, Guile & Glory: Firstborn aims to combine old-school arcade charm with modern gameplay innovation. Born from a passion for pixel art, over-the-top 90's fantasy, and strategic RPGs, Firstborn is available in Early Access right now on Steam!


The Battlefield is Your Weapon


Make the battlefield your weapon to vanquish monstrous foes in turn-based, tactical combat.


Hurl enemies off cliffs and into spikes with the great strength of the Outlander, wield the Slaver's cunning to throw your enemies into chaos, and hold the line with the Guardian's mighty shield.


Your Legend Awaits

Gather and lead a party of unlikely heroes as they rise from humble beginnings to become humanity's greatest champions.


Unlock and improve powerful new abilities for your heroes as you carve a path to the heart of the Drowned Lands.


Discover new synergies, and build your own strategy to dominate the battlefield.


Vanquish Mighty Bosses

Mighty beasts haunt the forgotten corners of the Drowned Lands, stirring from their slumber to unleash earth-shaking fury upon those brave or foolish enough to enter their domain.

Let wisdom be your armour, and courage your shield, as you fight for humanity's future against ancient titans that once ruled as gods.


A Savage World

Take up the mantle of the Aspirant, and restore hope to a world on the brink of ruin. Face the challenge of Guile & Glory's campaign head on; or venture to the furthest reaches of the Drowned Lands in search of forgotten lore and powerful relics to aid your on your journey.

Each new region you explore will bring its own challenges and unique enemies to test your mettle as you lead your heroes across an ancient world of gods and monsters.

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