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Firstborn Pre-Alpha 3 Teaser

Hello and welcome to another Firstborn development blog! You've probably noticed this week's blog is coming through a little later than usual. I hope you will agree that it was worth the wait, though, because today we have the first teaser for version 3 of the Firstborn Pre-Alpha:

This video shows off some of the new features and content you can expect in the upcoming update. Please note: The new content is a work-in-progress and a few of the animations and assets are missing or still placeholder.

More Animated Tiles:

With the new support for animated tiles in GameMaker Studio 2, every tileset is getting an overhaul to leverage as much environmental animation as possible. This is an ongoing process, and will continue throughout the pre-alpha as we strive to bring more of Firstborn's world to life.

The Drowned Forest:

The video also offers a sneak peak of the Drowned Forest, a new adventure area coming in the next update. This new environment brings its own challenges and teams with new enemies for the heroes to vanquish.

The Guardian:

This week we also get a look at the Guardian in action. Clad in fearsome silvered armour, the Guardian can easily stand toe-to-toe with beasts that would rip a lesser warrior to shreds. Her shield can deflect attacks or knock enemies senseless, and her powerful magic allows her to wreak havoc upon the Firstborn.

Camera Tracking for Projectiles:

Okay, so this is a relatively small update, but it's really been a pet peeve of mine. Previously, the camera stayed centered on a character after that character fired a projectile, meaning that the projectile could potentially hit a target off-screen. No more of that! The camera now tracks fired projectiles before returning to the appropriate position for gameplay.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this Firstborn development blog. Join us next week for more dev stuff!

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