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Firstborn: Enemy Breakdown Pt. 2

It's time to take a look at the other two enemy types from the Firstborn pre-alpha demo. This week, we find out more about the Archer and the Bog Shade.

The Archer:

Smaller and weaker than the Drudge, the Archer makes up for its lack of physical prowess with the deadly reach of its bow. The Archer is the only basic enemy with a ranged attack and can easily blindside an unwary hero with a well-placed arrow.

As we can see here, the Archer's bow takes a while to draw back and can't be fired right away. Instead, the tiles the archer will hit with its arrow light up, giving the hero once last chance to hustle out of the way.

An Archer isn't terribly observant, however, and will fire blindly once its bow is drawn. A clever hero can take advantage of this to turn the Archer's lethal arrows against its allies.

The Bog Shade:

In life, the Bog Shade was a simple Drudge that blundered into the cloying embrace of the Sea of Tar. Now it serves as a vessel for Unborn Lord's sinister magic.

Even the destruction of its physical form will not stop the Bog Shade. If it is slain, the Shade leaves behind a floating orb of malevolent power. These orbs obstruct movement and are highly volatile, bursting into a cloud of corrosive energy if touched.

As with most of the perils in Firstborn, a clever hero can find ways to turn these deadly orbs into an asset on the battlefield. Here we see the Slaver use his whip to send an Archer stumbling into a rather unpleasant demise.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this week's Firstborn development blog!

Next week we'll conclude our series on the enemies from the pre-alpha demo with an in-depth look at the terrifying Unborn Lord.

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