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Firstborn: Enemy Breakdown Pt. 1

In this week's blog, we take a look at the two most basic enemies in Firstborn, how they behave in combat, and all the ways a player can turn the battlefield against them.

The Drudge:

Barely tolerated by their own kind, Drudges come from the lowest caste in Firstborn society. While they number among the least dangerous and accomplished of the Firstborn, Drudges can still pose a deadly threat to even the mightiest human warriors.

Driven by savagery unfettered by training or reason, the Drudge wields a heavy axe with reckless abandon. Unprepared heroes can easily be slaughtered by a single Drudge if caught in unfavourable terrain. For all the power of the Firstborn, however, the Drudge's ferocity can prove its undoing.

With a little patience, a clever hero can easily lure a Drudge into the path of one of the many hazards that litter the battlefield and dispatch the monster with a well-placed shove.

The Turtle:

Smaller than the Drudge, but far more cunning, the Turtle creeps around the battlefield under the cover of its impressive shell. The Turtle is significantly more difficult to outmaneuver that its less intelligent counterpart, as its thick shell provides considerable protection against hazards.

In order the overcome the Turtle's impressive defenses, a hero will need to find some way around the shell. The easiest method to dispatch a Turtle is to make use of a hazard against which the shell provides no protection, such as a pit.

Sometimes, however, no pits are available and a hero must instead find a way to kill the Turtle by other means. Thankfully, the Turtle's shell only protects its back, so careful positioning can leave a Turtle with its unprotected flanks or head facing a lethal surprise.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this week's Firstborn enemy breakdown!

Join us next week as we take a closer look at the two other basic enemies from the Firstborn demo: the Archer and the Bog Shade.

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